Public Policy

CCPA is the collective voice of community providers in Connecticut. We champion community providers’ causes and represent their interests at the Legislature, with the Administration, state agencies that contract with community providers, the media, and with other related advocacy organizations throughout the state. CCPA’s respected voice has helped protect private provider funding, advance new funding initiatives, support strategies for long-term change to the funding system, and advocate for policies that support the community provider system.


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CCPA Costing Study

CCPA is pleased to release a study of provider costs (Prioritizing Community Based Services in CT), conducted by MTM Services, which details the funding shortfall providers are already facing. “Findings in this report show that chronic underfunding has taken a significant toll on community providers,” the Executive Summary states. Members, please feel free to draw talking points from the report and share these documents with your local legislators and other decision-makers during meetings.

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Contact Your Legislator

We encourage you to learn about and become involved in our advocacy efforts, which focus on promoting policies that strengthen and advance the community provider system. For your convenience, use the CCPA Contact Your Legislator search feature to find the contact information and write to members of the Connecticut House and Senate on critical issues affecting community providers.

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About CCPA

The Connecticut Community Providers Association (CCPA) is the premier state trade association representing organizations that provide health and human services and supports for children, adults and families in the areas of mental health, substance use disorders, developmental disabilities, child and family health and well being, and other related issue areas. Community providers deliver quality health and human services to 500,000 of Connecticut’s residents each year.

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