CCPA Affinity Programs

CCPA members may take advantage of various affinity programs, including discounted educational resources, national memberships, and organizational services.  



Relias Learning: Relias Learning is the largest provider of e-learning services to the behavioral health and human services industry. They currently provide e-learning to more than 300 organizations in 40 states. CCPA Program established in 2007.

Benefits to CCPA Members:

Reduce training costs and increase staff productivity

Customize trainings and develop courses for your specific needs at no additional cost utilizing an extensive library of accredited, high quality courses

Helps you maintain compliance with state and accrediting organizations training requirements with new CEU course offered monthly

CCPA members will receive a 10% discount on customized web-based learning management systems.  If you are also a member of the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare, the Alliance for Children and Families, or CWLA, you will receive an additional 5% discount for a total savings of 15%.

CCPA members will receive a 10% discount on individual courses in our Course Library.


College of Direct Support: The College of Direct Support (CDS) is an electronic learning provider endorsed by the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services. CCPA has obtained administrator rights by paying the initial $2,950 fee so that direct service provider agencies can enroll in the program as sub-administrators at a drastically reduced rate. CCPA Affinity Program established in October 2007.

Benefits to CCPA Members:

  • CCPA Members can enroll in the program through CCPA and save up to $1,750 off the cost of administrator fees based on the size of the organization. Nonmembers can also save significantly by signing up through CCPA.
  • As an administrator, CCPA is responsible for providing technical assistance for program participants, assigning privileges for sub-administrators and provide the roll out for the College of Direct Support at a state-wide level.
  • Agencies that sign on in the program will act as sub-administrators and will have unlimited access to online training courses offered in the systems, be able to enroll staff, assign courses and access and run reports.


Number of Staff
Member Rate Anually
Non-member Rate Anually
100 +



The National Council for Behavioral Health  The National Council for Behavioral Health is the unifying voice of America’s behavioral health organizations. Together with its 1,950 member organizations, it serves our nation’s most vulnerable citizens — more than 6 million adults and children with mental illnesses and addiction disorders.  The National Council is committed to providing comprehensive, quality care that affords every opportunity for recovery and inclusion in all aspects of community life.

The National Council advocates for public policies in mental and behavioral health that ensure that people who are ill can access comprehensive healthcare services. And we offer state-of-the-science education and practice improvement resources so that services are efficient and effective.  View National Council Initiatives

Benefits to CCPA Members

  • In 2014, National Council membership costs $800 for CCPA Members.  Without the CCPA discount, the cost of membership dues is $3,410. You save $2,610 by joining the National Council when you renew your CCPA dues!
  • CCPA members that join the National Council through our special arrangement are eligible to take advantage of all of the National Council's Products and Services
  • CCPA members that join the National Council receive a combined 15% CCPA and National Council member discount off the purchase of an Essential Learning- Learning Management System as a result of the CCPA-Essential Learning partnership.



Benchmarking Initiative with Behavioral Pathway Systems: In 2010, CCPA began a partnership with Behavioral Pathway Systems and eighteen agencies. Participants electronically submit strategically selected data to learn how their statistics match up against other statewide and national organizations in the field.   This unique initiative allows agencies to use the results to make fundamental improvements within their organization.  The initiative is designed so that new organizations can join at any time.

Benefits to CCPA Participants:  

1. For $1,200 in 2014, participants are able to benchmark against a wide range of clinical, financial, operational and human resources metrics allows for multiple opportunities in the identification of best practices.

2.  Individualized comparative benchmarking reports gauge your organization’s performance against Connecticut and national norms.

3.  Minimal burden on the organization!  Approximately 40% of the metrics are automated, based on DDaP and/or PSDCRS data reports.

4.  24 hour access to an on-line data submission, e-mail and telephonic user support, as well as free telephonic consultative assistance in interpreting the benchmark data make the process easy.

5.  Free monthly audio-conferences where top performers present & best practices are discussed, as well as monthly newsletters to inform and educate.


501 (c) Agencies Trust: America’s Leading Unemployment Program.  A CCPA Program since 1998.

Benefits to CCPA Members:

  • Trust evaluates your current costs in tax system or other program
  • Helps you opt out of the state UI tax system, if a cost-savings
  • Helps you build reserve account (that you own) to repay state for claims
  • Professional claims management reduces costs and time
  • HR Hotline, stop loss insurance, membership in Purchasing Point included
  • CCPA members receive 50% off enrollment fee


CT has Dec. 1st, deadline to leave tax system.  Find out now if 501(c) can save you money.

Contact Ellen Dupuy at 1-800-442-4867 ext 160 for an Evaluation Form. 

Workers Compensation Trust: WCT is Connecticut's leading provider of workers' compensation coverage to healthcare and human service providers. CCPA Program established in 2007.


Benefits to CCPA Members:

  • One complimentary registration for an educational program per CCPA member agency
  • Employer Mutual Association dedicated solely to Connecticut's healthcare and human service providers
  • Over $20,000,000 in premium returns given back to members
  • Unique Loss Control programs aimed at reducing injuries
  • Claims management focused on encouraging return to work and reducing cost
  • Available through Connecticut's leading agents and brokers
  • Insuring more than 50,000 healthcare workers throughout Connecticut
  • Members may qualify for premium returns