Human Resources Managers Forums

The HR Managers Forum is designed for executive directors, human resource managers, department directors and managers, as well as other individuals involved in personnel matters.  CCPA co-hosts this meeting with Schuster-Driscoll, an employee benefits, financial services and insurance firm.

HR Forum Updates

6/12/13 -  Michelle Demers from Super Interns presented Establishing A “Win-Win” Internship Program.

  1. Many people have a negative perception of interns, seeing them as time and energy vampires and nothing more than entry-level assistants, fetching coffee and making copies. With the proper mentorship and systems, interns can be highly contributing members of the team and a real asset to a business or organization.  The Super Intern’s philosophy is that interns are the real superheroes, and they can really add value to a business or organization.

Super Interns works with businesses and non-profits of all sizes to create, manage, grow, and improve internship programs that are successful, profitable, and truly win-win experiences for both employers and interns. They have recruited, trained, supervised and mentored over 2,000 interns in all types of settings.  They have also mastered the concept of virtual internship programs through their work with interns from across the country (and beyond the border) by phone, internet, email, as well as their own home offices.

Other discussion topics included:

  • Working with interns and identifying the best practices for an internship program
  • Creating a “win-win” program: Unpaid internships that offer real value to the intern as well as the organization
  • Advantages of Virtual Interns
  • Expanding the definition of an intern

3/27/13- The March Forum was postponed.  

1/23/13 - The January HR Managers Forum featured two guest speakers: Caitlin Thayer, Owner of Barefoot Media, who will speak to Using Social Media in Recruiting & Awareness and Ali Wice, Attorney, Jackson Lewis LLP, who will address Legal Concerns with Social Media.  (Click to view presentation).