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Why join CCPA?

We Know You.

CCPA represents agencies that provide services and supports to people with disabilities and other significant needs including children and adults with substance use disorders, mental illness, developmental, and physical disabilities.

We Partner With You.

Through CCPA's Divisions, Forums, and Committees, community provider professionals share ideas, network with colleagues, and shape the future agenda and direction of the Association.

We Advance Your Voice.

We champion your causes and advance your voices at the Legislature, within state agencies, with the media, and with other advocacy organizations.

CCPA's respected voice has helped protect private provider funding, advance new funding initiatives, support strategies for long-term change, and advocate for policies that support the community provider system.

We Train You and Your Workforce.

CCPA helps you effectively and affordably meet workforce training needs through a variety of educational methods including e-learning programs, seminars facilitated by nationally recognized instructors, and focused conferences.

We Help You Create Jobs.

Through CCPA's Preferred Purchasing Program, we create meaningful work opportunities and reliable wages for people with disabilities by developing contracts between state agencies and community providers under the preferred purchasing law.

We Provide Much More.

    * Accurate and timely information, updates, and analysis
    * Employee benefits programs
    * Connections to vendors and services that help you save money, time, and effort
    * Industry surveys
    * CCPA website including advocacy tools, discussion forums, and vital industry information
    * Discounts on national association memberships