About CCPA Membership Categories:

Organizational Member (Dues Vary Based on Organization's Total Revenue) 

Organizations which provide community based programs, supports and services for children and adults in areas including, but not limited to: behavioral health, developmental disabilities, education, and substance abuse.  Organizational members are entitled to name a delegate to represent the organization in the general business affairs of the Association; receive mailings and publications; attend and participate in programs sponsored by the Association, including all Divisions, based on the membership criteria establishe by each Division; access the “Members-Only” sections of the CCPA website; vote in Association meetings; receive discounts on seminar and conference registrations and other products; and receive other services provided by the Association.

Organizations joining CCPA for the first time or past members that have not been a member for three full calendar years may be eligible to receive a dues discount for the first three years of membership.  Discounts are based on the organizational dues formula, and are discounted as follows: first year of membership, 25% of calculated dues; second year, 50%; third year, 75%; fourth year, 100%.

Associate Member ($300)

Organizations that support the objectives of the Association but are not eligible for organizational membership. Learn more about the value of CCPA Associate Membership.

Sustaining Member ($800)

Individuals or organizations that wish to provide special support to the Association that are not eligible for membership as Organizational members. This may include corporations, professional firms, commercial vendors and consulting firms.  Learn more about the value of CCPA Sustaining Membership.

Associate and Sustaining members are entitled to attend general membership meetings (such as the Annual Meeting), receive selected mailings and publications, and attend and participate in selected programs sponsored by the Association.

All applications for CCPA membership are approved by the Board of Directors.