Salary Survey

CCPA is pleased to report that we have once again received an excellent response to the 2010 CCPA Salary Survey (released in September).  We believe that this response will make the report valuable to individual organizations and will go far to show aggregate values for our industry.

Highlights from this survey include actual salary data and information about the employee benefits that agencies offer. Our reporting format allows you to see the various data sorts in a single location.  We have also reported the job requirements of individual positions so you can compare your individual job requirements with the industry at large.

Please note that the survey is provided as a CCPA member service. Survey participants who completed the demographic, employee benefit, and wage portions of the survey receive this information at no charge.  CCPA will sell the survey individually or bundled with our recent completed 990 GuideStar CT Data to members and nonmembers according to the following table.  To order, contact Sherri Woolley at or (860) 257-7909.







CCPA Member Participating in          Survey

CCPA Member Not Participating in Survey

CCPA Non-Member

2010 Salary Survey




990 GuideStar CT Data




Both Surveys





The sale of the surveys supports our ability to provide this information to our membership at a reasonable cost.  It is for this reason that we ask that you not copy any of the survey data for others without the written permission of CCPA.