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Preferred Purchasing

Preferred Purchasing

In 1977, the Connecticut Legislature created a preferred purchasing program (PA 77-405; CGS 17b-656) to address low employment rates for people with disabilities. The statute promotes employment opportunities for people with disabilities through government contracting. Through the program, individuals with disabilities render products and services as contracted by various state agencies, with employment supports from community providers. These employment opportunities are offered in a variety of work settings, including janitorial services, dry cleaning, temporary services, commercial laundry, landscaping, and manufacturing.

Acknowledging the many opportunities and benefits of the program, Preferred Purchasing continues to be expanded in Connecticut. In 2013, the Connecticut Legislature expanded the program through PA 13-227. This act established a permanent program, the Qualified Partnership Program, which promotes employment for people with disabilities and economic disadvantages specifically with commercial sector janitorial contractors. In 2014, the legislature expanded this program further by allowing the Commissioner of Administrative Services to designate other types of contracts for the Qualified Partnership Program.

Over the last thirty years, the Preferred Purchasing Program has steadily achieved its objectives.

Beyond program statistics, Preferred Purchasing has also contributed to the strengthening of the state economy. A 2013 national economic benefit study of similar programs across the country shows that Connecticut saves over $2,000 per worker employed through the Preferred Purchasing program as the result of reductions in entitlement programs and increased tax payments.  This benefit is in addition to the employment and training opportunities that it offers to each individual hired through the program.

CCPA is certified as a Small Business Enterprise through the Department of Administrative Services Supplier Diversity Program.

For more information about the CCPA Contracts Program contact CCPA at (860) 257-7909.

For questions from State Agencies or Political Subdivisions about purchasing products and services under this preferred purchasing statute contact:

Devin J. Marquez
Department of Administrative Services
Assistant Director of Procurement and Staff Attorney
(860) 713-5381